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AT Tools

By MS Office application

Professional presentations for all your business requirements and promotional purposes. Convert and upload in video format (mp4).

Tools for: Training, reporting, planning, pitching, posting, embedding, or bespoke

Professional documents to share internally or externally. Populated or blank templates. Convertible to secure pdf format.

Tools: Reports, proposals, manuals, plans, contracts, agreements, job descriptions, or bespoke

Tailored, pre-formulated and pre-formatted spreadsheets to store, calculate and analyse data.

Tools for:  Customer relationship management (CRM), survey / data analysis and reporting, or bespoke calculation tools

Logical, co-ordinated filing and naming systems for linked documents across multiple platforms.

Using: File explorer, OneDrive, Outlook

By business function

Access, manipulate and analyse data and business intelligence from multiple sources, including surveys.

Tools: KPI reporting documents with graphics, surveys

Utilising: Excel, Word, pdf, PowerPoint

Documented desk-level processes to ensure uniformity and non-duplication.

Tools: SOPs, Training presentations, Workshops

Utilising: Excel, Word, pdf, PowerPoint

Print and digital materials to facilitate the recruitment process and embed successful candidates.

Tools: Advert, job description, interview task brief, interview checklist, scoring matrix, feedback system, letters/email templates, contract, staff handbook, induction schedule, business overview presentation.

Utilising: Outlook, Word, pdf, website cms, PowerPoint, Excel, online recruitment platform

Tailored to user level and business function. Branded and designed to facilitate learning and engagement.

Tools: How-To / Info sheets, presentations, manuals, operating processes, question papers, certificates

Utilising: Word, pdf, PowerPoint, Excel

Affordable, user-friendly systems to proactively track customers through their journey from enquiry to payment.

Tools: CRM system, linked customer documents, credit control communications

Utilising: Excel, Word, pdf, PowerPoint, Outlook, website cms

Ensuring effective, clear and timely communications throughout the customer journey.

Tools: Customer journey map, letter and email templates, ‘phone call scripts, transactional templates (estimate, invoice, receipt)

Utilising: Outlook, Word, pdf, website cms, specialist apps

Multiple tools to help plan for business success.

Tools: Marketing plan, SWOT analysis, cash-flow forecast, business plan

Utilising: Excel, Word, pdf, PowerPoint

AT services and tools

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